Tuesday, May 4, 2010

War between LCD Panels: IPS and VA

Hi Friends,

Let's Check out which is a Better Panel, IPS or VA.

IPS is In Plane Switching Panel, manufactures by LG Display, whereas VA i.e Vertical Alignment Panel is manufactured by Joint Venture of Samsung and Sony.

Points of Difference.
1. Though both claim a viewing angle of 178 degrees

But in actual finding if you view IPS panel there is no color change from any viewing angle, but for VA there is a color change (see the picture above).
So, if you are viewing LCD with IPS Panel from the any side of your room, even then there will be no distortion in the colors and you can enjoy a better viewing experience.

2. Faster Response Time
IPS panel gives you a better and faster response time of 4ms, whereas VA has a good but lesser response time of 8ms as compared to IPS.
So, you can enjoy Vivid and Clear Motion Picture on IPS Panel, i.e when you are watching action movie or Sports, you can enjoy motion pictures without any blur or distortion on IPS panel.

3. Check the Screen Reliability
IPS panel is much more stable and reliable than VA panel. You can check this by simply rubbing your finger on the screen or by knocking on the screen.

IPS PANEL is more reliable and can take on mild actions of your cleaning and kids.

4. Does the Size really matter?
Yes, if you can get some extra without paying much for it.
IPS panels are available in 26", 32", 37", 42", 47" and so on.
VA panels are available in 26", 32", 37", 40", 46" and so on.
IPS Panels also gives an advantage of more viewable screen in 42" and 47" as compared to 40" and 46" in VA.
Brands in INDIA using IPS Panel are LG, HITACHI and many others and Brands in INDIA using VA Panel are SAMSUNG, SONY and many others.

Hope this article gave you an insight on Panels used in LCD TV.